Achieving Sustainable Green Practices involves a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses everything we do. Green cleaning, recycling and waste management best practices have been deep rooted in our corporate culture for over 40 years. At Township, we know how important it is to conserve our natural resources and we understand that our green cleaning practices, our energy saving initiatives, our waste reduction programs and other safe cleaning processes protects our staff, our client’s properties, our clients customers and in general the communities we serve.

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  • We purchase green cleaning products in concentrated form allowing us to reuse bottles-
  • We purchase reusable containers
  • We use recycled paper products
  • We use recycled plastic products
  • We use environmentally friendly trash bags
  • We purchase fuel efficient cars and trucks
  • We purchase HEPA- Vacuums and battery powered high speed buffers
  • We reward employee efforts to conserve water and energy

Township’s commitment to “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, commonly known as LEED, provides and participates in certification assistance at all levels.


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Our clients are concerned about their employee’s health. Corporate Wellness programs are now a central theme and part of every employer’s culture. It is founded on simple principles, a healthy employee is more productive, a healthy employee reduces lost work time, and a healthy employee reduces medical care costs.

We educate or clients, our clients tenants, our vendors and our staff. We implement achievable programs that delivery real measured results. We innovate with flexible programs. We clean to create a healthy, safe, sustainable environment first.

Cleaning for Wellness is embedded in our culture.