Township Building Services, Incorporated, is one of the largest family owned and operated full service Facilities Management, Janitorial and Engineering services companies within the Western United States. We are privately held with a laser like focus on producing day to day, month to month, year to year superior services which are delivered over a long period of time. We don’t report to angel investors, private equity, inactive entitled family members and we are not focused on quarterly results. Our business success is due to our price and performance business model, our sustainable green cleaning practices, operational practices, and our daily commitment to our customers and our associates.

Founded in 1976 in San Francisco by John N. Gill, Township Building Services and it’s subsidiary companies are leading providers of Commercial Cleaning Services, Facility Services, and Engineering Services to a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies. Township, with thousands of employees and with direct service operations in 321 cities and counties in the West, started with cleaning high rise office buildings in San Francisco and continues to expand its service platform and geographic coverage throughout the Country.

Our success has been a direct result of our corporate commitment to providing innovative, competitive and industry leading sustainable services on a day to day basis.

Township Building Services is the parent company of four wholly owned and affiliated companies, Township Engineering, Inc., Township Retail Services, Inc., Township Hospitality, Inc., and Township-United Building Services, LLC, it’s main corporate office located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with Regional Offices in Anaheim, California, Beaverton, Oregon, and Seattle. Opening our new Dallas Southwest Regional office soon.

Leadership Excellence:

A leader is far more than a label. Leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. At Township our leaders intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect which in turn creates stronger employee performance, exceptional customer service and ultimately greater business success. We train, support and empower our staff to excel.