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Township provides exceptional support services to tenants which go beyond day to day and night cleaning services. Our tenant services representatives are trained to meet your day to day support requirements and these personalized services are designed for you and your staff.

Our financial and human resources capabilities are geared to meet your requirements and these services are unmatched in our industry. Our team supports and consults with your staff to allow your staff to focus on their core responsibilities leaving the “not so technical” duties to those trained and eager to provide superior tenant services.

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  • Meeting and conference room services, set ups and breakdown and food / drink preparation.
  • Furniture moving-
  • Installing fixtures, wall hangings
  • Work station repairs and cleaning-
  • Stock break room and cafeteria supplies, cleaning break rooms, cafeteria services, order supplies and related services.
  • Mail room services.
  • Concierge services for employees and executives such as pick and delivery, gift shopping, pre-holiday office decorating, shipping, dining reservations, product research, ticket procurement, and related personal services.